McCain's flip-flop-flip


After a commenter suggested that a McCain flip-flop isn't a flip-flop unless he goes back to his original position, this popped up on TV:

To summarize, McCain was quoted last year that he didn't know much about the economy, and that he "need to be schooled" on it. When confronted during a debate with this quote, he denied he said it. Then Tim Russert pinned him down, and McCain admitted that he had said it. Now yesterday, he's back to claiming he didn't say it at all.

I think this is more troubling than some of his other flip-flops. He's not just changing his position. He's either forgetting what he said (about something he has been asked about multiple times), or he's just flat-out lying and hoping no one calls him on it.

But then there is this account of an encounter in Nicaragua by GOP Sen. Thad Cochran:

"McCain was down at the end of the table and we were talking to the head of the guerilla group here at this end of the table and I don't know what attracted my attention," Cochran said. "But I saw some kind of quick movement at the bottom of the table and I looked down there and John had reached over and grabbed this guy by the shirt collar and had snatched him up like he was throwing him up out of the chair to tell him what he thought about him or whatever. I don't know what he was telling him but I thought, good grief everybody around here has got guns and we were there on a diplomatic mission. I don't know what had happened to provoke John but he obviously got mad at the guy and he just reached over there and snatched him."

Here's what Cochran said about McCain in January:

"The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine," Cochran told the Globe. "He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me."

Now, what does McCain's anger problems have to do with his flip-flop-flip about what he said about his economic knowledge? I believe we just saw another example of McCain's temper problem. He doesn't like being confronted by that quote, so he just denies saying it, trying hard not to blow up on camera.

People think that if McCain can keep from going ballistic in public, then he's successful in controlling his temper. But that's not the case. Even if he doesn't blow up, his temper can affect how he thinks. If the facts make him mad, then he just denies them. That's not the kind of thoughtful, open-minded leadership I think America needs. In fact, it seems to sound a lot like George W. Bush, who never let the facts get in the way of his mission.

Bush and McCain: against GI Bill before they were for it


The New GI Bill was signed into law yesterday by President Bush. Of course, he and his good buddy John McCain were against the bill before it got attached to a bill funding their war in Iraq. Bush even threatened a veto. Now they are both busy claiming credit for its passage. McCain didn't even show up to vote on it.

John McCain and the art of flip-flopping


Keith Olbermann details part of McCain's long string of flip flops:

Irony is so ironic sometimes


My, the McCain camp is getting so testy that their brains are frying:

"If Barack Obama wants to question John McCain's service to his country, he should have the guts to do it himself and not hide behind his campaign surrogates."

That quote is from McCain surrogate "Snuffy" Smith. Perhaps we can get an Obama surrogate who can attack McCain's surrogate for not having the guts come out and make the attack himself.

Did Wesley Clark question John McCain's war record?


It's the buzz of DC, that Wesley Clark is trying to "swift boat" John McCain, questioning his war record.

Maybe all those talking heads were drunk yesterday, because when you look at the video, it's clear that Clark isn't questioning his war record. The question that Clark brings up is how does being a POW make you better qualified to be president? He also noted that McCain never commanded troops during wartime, that he doesn't have executive experience.

Check it out:

That's not an attack on his service. In fact, Clark praises McCain for his service in the very same interview.

No one is questioning McCain's service. What we are questioning is how that service makes him more qualified to manage the affairs of this nation. But McCain doesn't want you to question anything about him, so you get this spin job, trying to twist the words of anyone who wants to ask these questions.

McCain, Iraq and the Internet


John McCain's people are trying to make the case that their boss understands the Internet. He doesn't use a computer, doesn't know the difference between a Mac and PC, but "is aware of the Internet."

Yet, aren't his people giving Obama a hard time because he hasn't been to Iraq in a while? Aren't they making the case that Obama can't understand Iraq unless he goes on one of McCain's dog-and-pony-show visits? So, you can't understand Iraq unless you visit the place twice a year, but you can understand the far-more-complex world of the Internet without ever having visited at all. McCain logic at work.

McCain hearts electric cars


Give credit where credit is due. John McCain wants to promote electric cars to get America off of oil.

At a speech in Fresno, California, McCain said that a tax break to buyers of clean automobiles and a prize to developers of the first battery pack that can power a car will wean the US off its dependence on foreign oil.

And he also wants to expand offshore drilling. Perhaps this is part of his campaign strategy, to leave no American voter un-pandered to.

McCain's getting quicker on his flip-flops


John McCain's flip-flop on offshore oil drilling was done in record time. Do they have an Olympic event for this?

The problem with falling back on more oil drilling as the cure for our energy woes is that it's far too little and far too late to have an impact on the problem.

Open up ANWR to drilling, it it might drop prices by a few pennies 10 years from now. A report form DOE says new offshore drilling will not have an impact until 2030, and that impact is minimal. Also, investing so much time and money into drilling for oil takes away from us developing new energy sources that solve our problem instead of kicking it down the road a few years.

But Republicans like McCain will go on and on about this because it sound good.

Troops coming home 'not that important' to McCain


Keith Olbermann uses John McCain's own words to rip him a new one:

Mac, PC or McCain?


What is scarier, that John McCain doesn't know the difference between Shiites and Sunnis, or that he doesn't know the difference between PC and Mac?

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