Harry Reid

Dear Harry, you suck

Dear Harry,

You are my senator. Yes, I know each state has two U.S. senators, but The Hairdo vacated the realm of the sensible a long time ago, so you're it.

I have defended you against countless conservative attacks, where they say you are nothing but a two-faced hack.

But your actions concerning the FISA bill are beyond disgusting. You want to give the telecom companies immunity for something that President Bush said was legal? Why? These telecom companies are the masters of deception and ripoffs. I wouldn't be caught in the same room with them without holding my wallet with both hands.

But you want to trust them that they didn't do anything illegal as part of Bush's wiretapping? Are you insane?

Hey, if they can come out and say exactly what they did that they are afraid of getting sued for, then fine. But as far as you know, they've been using our personal information for God knows what kind of nefarious purposes.

This is a conservative issue, Harry. This is the Constitution. After everything that has happened over the last seven years, if you can't stand up for it now, you might as well roll it up for toilet paper.

Either defend the Constitution and rule of law, or get another job.

Insulting Gen. Peter Pace

If you were Gen. Peter Pace, would you be more insulted that Sen. Harry Reid called you incompetent, or that the president of the United States fired you from your job as Joint Chiefs chairman?

Joe Lieberman seems to think criticizing generals is worse than firing them.

Dear Harry, give Bush an FU

And FU means a Freidman Unit, or in other words six months. Reid and the Dems seem to be leaning toward a partial funding Iraq funding bill that would last only until September, or maybe sooner. Not even Defense Secretary Gates thinks this will work at all.

If you want to win this battle, Harry, you need to give Bush a full six months, at least a month or two past September when the results of the surge will be evident, and congressional Republicans will be sweating bullets. Bush is trying hard to shift the blame to you.

Pass a six-month bill. Grumble about it, complain that Republicans are holding our soldiers hostage. Come September, you'll have a bipartisan surge in support of ending this war. Just have a little patience.

Holiday reading for Harry Reid

I'm sure Harry Reid is getting plenty of advice these days now that he's Majority Leader.

Here is some he should definitely pay attention to. Here's a taste:

(8) While impeachment would be silly and self-defeating, holding hearings in various committees is not -- if they're handled right. Pelosi and Reid should sit down with the new committee chairs and work out a timetable for hearings [Here's a great list of likely new Democratic Senate committee chairs]. Hold the most odious hearings first -- nobody is "for" war profiteering, for instance -- it has no political constituency beyond people making obscene amounts of money off the war. Then perhaps move on to the Katrina fiasco. Tackle the more sensitive hearings later.

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